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Likes photography, art history, lazy sunday mornings and to-do lists.

Turn-offs include bad tippers, know-it-alls and microwave meat.

Misses her mom and dad, anything made with wheat and two-dollar movie theaters.

Wants to find the perfect ratio of travel and responsibility.



A bit of a trip down memory lane for me today. Though these aren’t the newest images I’ve shot, far from it really, they remind me of why I photograph. They are from a time of uncertainty, self-evaluation, and searching for something bigger. I’ve been revisiting them a lot recently and imagining expanding upon them. I think I am back to that place where these images were created; back to a place of unknowing, self-discovery and yearning. Back to a place where the only way you learn, really learn, is by doing and failing and doing again. If only I could go back and talk to the 20 year old version of myself… I would have so much to say. I would tell her to find her voice through photography. I would tell her not to be afraid of failure. Your desire to learn needs to be stronger than your fears.┬áDon’t take the safe route. Challenge yourself. Sleep less. Love more. Don’t say no to new opportunities. Help others and you’ll help yourself. Form opinions and stand behind them. Be confident.

With these images I remember my love of storytelling, my love of making images. These images remind me of how far I come and the possibilities that still lie ahead, if i just jump.

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Michael Lavine - these are great Liz! I never knew...And the words are very inspiring. Just what I needed to hear.

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