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Likes photography, art history, lazy sunday mornings and to-do lists.

Turn-offs include bad tippers, know-it-alls and microwave meat.

Misses her mom and dad, anything made with wheat and two-dollar movie theaters.

Wants to find the perfect ratio of travel and responsibility.



With my upcoming trip to China just two short weeks away, I started thinking more and more about my previous escapades and the power photography has on travel. Why do so many of us hang a camera around our neck on vacation? Do we see life differently through a viewfinder? I dug up some old shots…old. High school old. First real camera old. Scanned 35mm crusty film old. Even though these shots are a bit grainy and perhaps cliche, they can still take me back to these places in an instant. Pompeii, Venice, Bath. The power of photographs to transport either the viewer, or in my case the aged traveller, to a place in time is incredible. I can remember smells and tastes, excitement and fears. I not only took these photos for myself but as a journal to take back home to my father, the man that first taught me art history. He is the man who knew more about painters and poets and prophets than I think I may ever learn. He taught me the merits of Bernini and Brunelleschi even though he had never been to Rome or Florence to see their works. He encouraged my trips to Europe not once but three times by age 20. He supported me (along with my whip-smart mother) when I came home from my sophomore year of college and confessed I had changed my major from pre-med to photography. Most importantly, he taught me to “follow my bliss.” I fear if my dad were here today he might dock me a few points on the bliss part, but I have vowed to improve my grade daily. China is just the first step.

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