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Likes photography, art history, lazy sunday mornings and to-do lists.

Turn-offs include bad tippers, know-it-alls and microwave meat.

Misses her mom and dad, anything made with wheat and two-dollar movie theaters.

Wants to find the perfect ratio of travel and responsibility.



I’ve never photographed the house I grew up in until this weekend. On a trip home for the memorial day holiday, I pulled out the camera and shot the exterior of the house my family has owned since 1982. My brother and I were raised here. I learned to play basketball in the backyard and park a car in the very narrow garage. These shutters have changed color 3 times since we moved in and the original bright green trim usually plays in my memories. The porch is my favorite place to spend a summer afternoon and peonies will always be my favorite flower. I was shaped by where I grew up. The town, the village, the street. I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. Whoever said you can never go home again never had a place like mine.

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Caryn - Love the pics of 2233 :-) We CAN always go home again. I loved being your neighbor all those years ago and I am so glad we can still occasionally be neighbors. Love you Weed-a-beet! Caryn

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