Liz Lang Photography bio picture


Likes photography, art history, lazy sunday mornings and to-do lists.

Turn-offs include bad tippers, know-it-alls and microwave meat.

Misses her mom and dad, anything made with wheat and two-dollar movie theaters.

Wants to find the perfect ratio of travel and responsibility.



Ms. Susan Kesser turned one year older, wiser and more wonderful (no need to get bogged down in the numbers!) this June and I hope I captured just a little bit of the fun we had toasting her big day! It was a night under the stars fit for a celebrity. Or an exec producer. Or a gaggle of publicists. Seriously- had there been an issue, we had at least 15 studio and network execs ready to spin for the trades. No detail left unattended, the birthday girl had the velvet ropes pulled back, champagne on ice all evening for her guests, and a cake with serious Louboutin flare. It was an amazing time capped off by some serious straight-face for the camera. To Susan, I wish you many more years of 4 inch designer heels, drop dead fashion and the love that surrounded you that night! xoxo

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