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Likes photography, art history, lazy sunday mornings and to-do lists.

Turn-offs include bad tippers, know-it-alls and microwave meat.

Misses her mom and dad, anything made with wheat and two-dollar movie theaters.

Wants to find the perfect ratio of travel and responsibility.

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HOTEL ROOSEVELT, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA Ms. Susan Kesser turned one year older, wiser and more wonderful (no need to get bogged down in the numbers!) this June and I hope I captured just a little bit of the fun we had toasting her big day! It was a night under the stars fit for a celebrity....

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA I shot at a friend’s birthday party this weekend and found, even at 30, people love to play dress-up! More photos coming soon– I apologize for the lag in time but the day job is kicking my ass this week!

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